Deep-rooted Passion!

We are born and raised in the midst of the fine coconut grown in Sri Lanka. We hardly pass a day without consuming food or drink made with coconut, organically grown, naturally processed at home. The coconuts are an integral part of Sri Lankan cuisine and beverages.

We share the same unique exotic flavor, aroma and versatility to discerning connoisseurs, with a dash of imagination and creativity

Sreal LLC, New York and Sreal Ceylon (Private) Ltd, Sri Lanka, began their journey in 2019, quickly growing to a small multi-national team.


At the Sreal Company, we have a two-fold mission:

We are committed to providing our consumers with a variety of organic coconut products. We also endeavor to support the community of our dedicated hard-working coconut farmers.


Our coconuts are harvested from traditionally grown coconut farms,

ethically sourced, and production is carried out using modern technology in state-of-the-art production facilities, monitored at each step by highly qualified staff.


Coconut with the husk

removed is yet another variation, with a slightly different taste. Nature's own thirst-quencher that's readily available all around the island.